A Fun Ride to Kapaleeswarar Temple


If you are a resident of Chennai, you have traveled in an auto at least once, for it is the identity of the city. But, if you come from a place that does not have autos at all, the ride can be quite exciting.

A group of delegates from Australia went for a fun ride on ten M Autos driven by female chauffeurs on Sunday evening from ITC Grand Chola to Kapaleeswarar temple. One of the ten autos is the first retrofit electric auto in the country, to be launched in the city soon. It is the first to receive a license for such operation from the government. It aims at promoting electric vehicles and women empowerment.

M Auto collaborated with the Australian government in 2014. The company is introducing 100 such autos in September, all driven by women in a move to promote women empowerment and provide them job opportunities. Also, it would be a great boon to the environment as these autos alone would reduce the emission of 400 tons of Co2.

Electric vehicles can reduce emissions and save you money. Fueling with electricity offers some advantages not available in conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. Just like a smartphone, you can plug in the EV and have it ready within hours.

Among the delegates who took a fun ride in the auto were Stephen Bali, Blacktown City Mayor, Australia, Nathan Rees, Former premier of NSW, Australia and Munish Sharma, Consul Commercial, Australian Trade Commissioner. Yasmeen Jawahar Ali, M Auto Group CEO was also present at the event.




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