Luxury jewellery brand Mangatrai Neeraj launches at Palladium, Chennai


This is the first time the brand has launched at Palladium, adding to the mall’s reputation of carrying some of the most coveted high-end luxury brands in the city. Over the span of several decades, Mangatrai Neeraj has established itself as a brand of outstanding quality and impeccable design that seamlessly marries traditional and modern taste. Unsurprisingly, the brand has become the go-to place for connoisseurs of fine jewellery in India and internationally.

Mangatrai Neeraj’s launch at Palladium saw an enthralled audience trying on the brand’s coveted offerings and assisted by the store’s well informed staff – an asset that the brand takes pride in. The launch of this store at Palladium marks Mangatrai Neeraj’s presence in the arena of high-end, curated luxury in Chennai.




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