Lush launches Refillable lipstick


Beauty brand ‘Lush’ has launched a  reusable, Recyclable, plastic-free lipstick as a part of its vegan zero waste lipstick.  The Refillable Lipstick Case has a vintage design and is made from aluminium and brass, 40 per cent of which is recycled material. It has been designed to be reused, with customers buying the packaging-free lipstick bullets from LUSH, and inserting them into the case.

In the mass market, Lush is currently the only cosmetics brand selling these zero-plastic, vintage design, aluminium, and brass lipstick cases.  Between 800 and 900 million lipsticks are bought globally each year, many of which are made of plastic or include plastic components.

The multiple materials used to manufacture lipstick cases means that when they are thrown away, most cannot be recycled. They contribute to our global plastic problem; in the UK alone it is estimated we throw away over 295 billion pieces of plastic a year.



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