Holistic Lifestyle


Luke Coutinho is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach practicing in the field of Integrative Medicine. Luke along with his team of qualified Doctors and trained nutritionists design wellness plans with a holistic approach towards prevention, weight and disease management with expertise in cancer care.

During the show, he spoke about how to have balanced nutrition, age gracefully, get a good quality of sleep, adequate exercise and emotional detox. Most importantly he spoke about the 4 pillars of holistic living and different diseases and also about intermittent fasting. He also spoke about the importance of balancing food and how the food works on the human body. Luke is a specialist in Cancer and diseases and the session was all about prevention and lifestyle-related topics. The show also had an interactive session with the audience followed by lunch and the menu was inspired by “The four holistic health ethos of Luke Coutinho”.

Luke works with doctors across the world who are continuously involved in research for cancer and disease in the space of prevention and recovery. Luke’s global practice involves clients from across the U.S, London, Europe, India, Middle East, and the Far East. “Lifestyle is a global medicine” – is what he believes in.



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