Lock on Bridge Tumski


WriBook reviewter – Jyothi Menon

Publisher – The Helios Books 

The book “Lock on Bridge Tumski” by author Jyothi Menon tells the poignant love story of protagonists Lena and Peter. Set in German Breslaw which is turned into the Polish Wraclaw, the story has the historic backdrop of World War 2.

As the World War rages, the lives of the two young lovers, Peter and Lena are thrown into turmoil. It eventually consumes their love as Lena (a Jew) is shipped to a concentration camp. There, she witnesses the horrific deaths of her entire family and suffers daily abuse and torture. Somehow, she manages to escape with her new friend. They head to India to make a new life for themselves, but Lena and Peter never forget each other.

Love, loss and life

There is love, loss, sadness in this story but there is also strength in each character as they survive even the worst of indignities. Although the two lovers separate and end up on two different continents, their love for each other never wanes.

After 32 long years, a letter alerts Peter of Lena’s whereabouts and he waits again by their favorite bridge.  But will it be Lena? Towards the end of the book, the significance of the bearer of the manuscript is revealed for a heart -warming ending.

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A great deal of research has gone into the book and this adds to the charm to the story. The hardship of the Jewish prisoners has been well- chronicled. So have the lives of the Indian society in Cochin, India. Read this if you enjoy love stories with loads of historical trivia.

About the author – Jyothi Menon works in an international bank and is known for her painting, writing and work in the field of Human Resource. Her 2009 book Angel of God was the recipient of the Jaycey award for Best novelist (finalist) in the Indie book category. She was inspired to write the book after a business trip to Wraclaw in April 2012.



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