Liz Truss steps down as UK PM


After serving as the Prime Minister for just 6 weeks, Liz Truss has stepped down as PM. She will remain as Prime Minister until a successor is chosen. She has become the shortest serving prime minister in British history.

There is now a scramble to replace her in a party that is both demoralised and divided. The likely choice is Boris Johnson, the previous prime minister whom Liz replaced after he was embroiled in a number of scandals and forced out of power. Liz Truss was the third woman prime minister after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May but she lost control of her party and government.
The UK is currently in an economic crisis, political crisis and a food crisis as well. The Opposition Labour Party has called for an immediate general election but the Conservative Party is not required to call one until January 2025. The country will soon have a fifth prime minister in six years.



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