Lisa Haydon, why you say this?


Lisa Haydon has been one of the most outspoken, badass and independent woman that we have come across in Bollywood.

We’ve all turned a blind eye to her choice of movies, but her take on feminism has certainly raised more than a couple of eyebrows.


What seemed like a normal interview by Bombay Times, completely threw us off-guard when Haydon answered this question:

Do you think the concept of feminism is often misconstrued?

We were ready for Haydon to start a conversation about feminism, debunking the several myths revolving around the movement, and speaking about equality. However, in complete click-bait style, what she said next will shock you.

“I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point. Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us. It’s fine to be an outspoken and working woman. I don’t want to be a man. One day I look forward to making dinner for my husband and children. I don’t want to be a career feminist.”

Ms Haydon, if you believe that women that have been given bodies only to reproduce, then you are sadly mistaken. So much for playing the Vijay Lakshmi from Queen. Vijay Lakshmi was fierce, independent, did what she wanted, had a life, and ALSO has a child.

As much as we respect your view Lisa, you’ve certainly let us down.




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