Lionel Messi bids goodbye to Barcelona


Lionel Messi became emotional at a farewell news conference as he bid goodbye to Barcelona. Though Messi said that his next move is not confirmed, ESPN sources said that he has signed a deal with Paris Saint-Germain.
The Argentina forward revealed that he received several calls from clubs and confirmed the interest shown by PSG.
Sources say that he is expected to travel to Paris shortly after completing a medical in the coming days.

When asked about the prospects of joining a rival club, he added, ”There is no doubt that I will go to a team that will compete with Barca. I didn’t want to leave but I have to. And I want to keep winning. That’s my mentality. I want to win.”
He said that he did everything he could to stay but it was not possible. He even offered to reduce his salary by 50%.
Messi lamented that he could not say goodbye on the pitch with the fans chanting his name as the matches had to be played in empty stadiums for the past 18 months due to the pandemic



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