Let’s Say ‘Yes’ To Eco-friendly Wedding Invites!

Ria Verghese of Oona Love talks of how she designed these special invites
With weddings and festivals back in full swing, so is the rise of our carbon footprints. Every thoughtful step we take towards saving the environment does go a long way in making our planet a greener home. We came across an event planner Ria Verghese, founder of Oona Love, who decided to try an innovative way to design eco friendly wedding invites!
“While planning the decor for the wedding I wanted to try and keep it as eco friendly as possible . So most of the materials I used were ola and ropes and the flowers from the coconut trees. With the invites too I wanted the same . I had seen these vendors from Bangalore at an exhibition.  And knew there was an option of such a material,” says Ria. While the card and the envelope are ‘tree free’ and made from recycled waste material from textiles and farms, the envelope has seeds in them that grow into trees once they reach the soil.
“My inspiration for the invite was that most of us end up throwing away the invitations no matter how pretty they are. So I felt a need to be more responsible about the kind of material used. The client approved so it all worked out and think it turned out great!” she smiles.


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