Let’s Get Physical – Bindu Madhavi


Fitness is the new-age mantra and need of the hour. And what better way to motivate more people to get bitten by this bug than with a colourful spread on those who’ve made fitness and exercise a way of life. RITZ gets candid with a few well known faces from the South, all supremely fit personalities with rippling bodies and oodles of strength.

Bindu Madhavi – Master Teacher – Akshar Power Yoga Academy


 She looks strong and fit and not old enough to be a mother of two young kids.

Bindu Madhavi’s journey in yoga has been a long and diverse one. From having done a Masters degree in English Literature, to working with young children, teaching them the art of communication through storytelling and working as a freelance journalist for several of the leading dailies in Bengaluru, the lady has essayed many roles.

Presently, she’s one of the most recognised power yoga instructors in Bengaluru, an inspiration to many and a motivation to several more.

1. How fit are you?

My fitness first starts with mentally being able to connect with my body and soul, with positive thought and the acceptance of who I am.

2. Your push up record?

Can do 20 at a stretch and 200 in a day

3. What’s your favourite fitness mantra?

Do power yoga-Shakti Yog for a transformative life experience. When one forces the thought of weight loss, it takes a lot longer to let go of body weight and body stiffness. Instead, one should do as the command goes and get postures/asanas right. You’ll transform and the world will notice.

4. Fitness to you means…

Progressing in each asana, in depth, day by day. Each asana has its own benefit. There are 84 lakh asanas and I’ll need many lifetimes to do each asana even once.

5. At the yoga centre you…

Teach yoga and share with my students whatever I have learnt from my teacher, Grand Master Akshar ji, so that each bundle of energy who walks in benefits spiritually, emotionally and physically.

6. You practice yoga to…

Connect with my inner self. I spend as many hours as possible practising yoga. Connecting with yoga practitioners and connecting together with the universal energy is our ultimate aim.

7. The treadmill is..

 My 2 x 6 yoga mat – my life, my happiness, my purpose, my divine place where I can connect with each asana which I can possibly do till my last breath.

8. Is food your friend or foe?

The food that I eat is Satvik in nature authorised by scriptures and Mother Nature’s blessings. Hence nothing can harm me and I enjoy every morsel that I nurture my body with. To me, my body is the divine place which I use to connect with divine energies.

9. How do you exercise when on vacation?

Very simple – carry my yoga mat along wherever I go. I first practice surya namaskar and then start my day with asanas, pranayam and meditation. 

10. What’s your ideal workout?

Two to three hours of power yoga, starting with different styles of surya namaskars, tatva namaskars (elements of earth),  asanas, pranayam and several reps of push ups.

11. The secret to your fitness?

I have made yoga a part of my life, so there is no extra effort to find time. My whole family does yoga and my circle of friends are motivated as well. When I do yoga I focus on my asanas and pray for perfection and offer each asana to the divine energy. Nothing worries me. I don’t think of anything, I just focus on the right posture.



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