Launch of 80 Degrees East Lounge at Teynampet, Chennai


Some great travellers have often reiterated that “to travel is to eat”. Be it the pastas and pizzas from Italy, nachos from Mexico, burgers from Vegas, ramen from Asia – we’ve all been on our share of journeys and undoubtedly our fondest memories most of the time have been food. Many leave no stone unturned to treat themselves to the best of a region while they travel. There is absolutely no denial that travel and food are a deadly combo.

Celebrating this perfect harmony in Chennai is “80 Degrees East – Lounge”, a travel themed cafe that caters to food lovers with delicacies that are stars of their own region. Our menu presents to you an eclectic mix of food items from across the world, depicting diversity and love for traveling. Several people have traveled at length across the globe in search of that perfect destination. This is our tribute to them.

Why the name 80 Degrees East? Well, the first step of any travel starts from its time zone. And our started in Chennai. Located at a latitude of 12.9754° N and a longitude of 80.1901° E – we wanted to make our food destination bring the best of the world onto one plate at one place.

We have put a lot of thought into creating an ambience that is a testament to people who have travelled at length across the globe, just for their sheer love for food. Our travel themed interiors would make you want to grab your bag and hit the road. The doodles narrate a rider’s tale that spans across ocean and countries.

A world map that has been beautifully carved out of metal represents how one can never get enough of traveling. The chevron ceiling, representing life’s ups and downs via travel, our very cozy and custom made bench-mirroring-furniture to show that even while at travel, one needs to take a moment to sit down and absorb the place. Adding to all of this, is small snapshots of social media posts on the walls to remind people to document their journals.

Several food bloggers have been very instrumental is opening up an avenue of a culture for the rest of the world. Else, who’d know that French Fries are from Belgium! Subtle elements that have been incorporated into this place make one go nostalgic about their recent travel. We have brought together an assortment of some of the most popular dishes and curated a bistro kind of a menu. In namma Chennai slang, Super hit pah!

So, what’s your favourite? Come and discover at 80 Degrees East – Lounge.

80 Degrees East Lounge is the second branch in the city. The first branch was started 10 months ago in Nanganallur, Chennai in the name 80 Degrees East – The Food Grid. 

Address : 39, Chamiers Road, Teynampet, Chennai – 600 018 ( Next to Chamiers Towers )



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