La Kairos – A Luxury bedding brand by Shreya Jain

LA KAIROS is a supreme bedding brand that prides itself on luxury and life. “KAIROS” is the Greek word defined as transcendence, infinity, reverence, joy, passion, and love, the sacred. KAIROS is intimacy with the real. KAIROS is time at her best. KAIROS is to be happy at home. KAIROS is spirit’s time.
LA KAIROS embodies this literal translation through its ultra luxury top-of-the-beds. Every collection is hand-designed by Shreya Jain whose influences span the globe and beyond. Almost completely hand crafted, every collection uses the finest materials including Habutai Silk, Taffeta Silk, Egyptian Cotton, Pure Chinese Dupion Silk, Silk Organza and Velvet.

LA KAIROS offers dreamy characteristics and romantic appearances wrapped within the lap of luxury, enlivened through the use of bold colors, interesting and challenging fabrics, and unusual assemblages.



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