Krithika Subramanian & NaMaargam Dance Company Presents NAVA


Krithika Subramanian and NaMaargam Dance Company presented NAVA, a bold new approach to presenting the Bharatanatyam tradition. A group performance featuring Krithika Subramanian, Nandini Murali, Sachhidanand, Sonam Vora and Gautham Marathe, with NAVA they aimed to explode the myth that an audience needs verbose explanations on the pieces performed in a Margam – the Traditional Repertoire of Classical Dance. “Our choreography and the power of our performance communicates the ideals of classicism to the initiated and uninitiated equally,” said Krithika.

A renowned architect, dancer, and designer, Krithika Subrahmanian, is a reputed entrepreneur heading a group of successful companies. A classical dancer of impeccable lineage and research scholar she has focused on creating the successful NaMaargam Dance Company which stands for the highest standards in performance quality and profound Hindu Dharma. NaMaargam Dance Company aims to provide an environment for artists of merit to interact and create original work based on free expression and limitless creativity.



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