Kandy Kresh: All Things Sparkling


Kreshya was started in 2018 by Aishwarya and Kritish Vummidi with the vision to be an eco-friendly, sustainable company. Using the expertise of their lineage, Kreshya is creating affordable and sustainable products while setting a benchmark for recycled Silver, alternate metals, and fashion jewellery.

Kreshya’s collection Kandy Kresh series was inspired by the vast availability of natural stones, but the limited usage of them. The idea was to use these beautiful stones in affordable, minimalist, jewellery that younger generations can relate to.

While sustainability is the key goal Kreshya is striving towards, we also would like to engage the consumer with the designs being created. Customization and design collaborations are concepts that Kreshya works with, creating a community among the consumers and the creators.



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