Krazy Kanmani gets candid


She looks like a dream on the television and is creating ripples across airwaves. VJ Diya Menon speaks to RITZ Magazine on her love for anchoring and more


Location Courtesy: Hablis, Chennai

Makeup: Ramya Sundar

Hair: Aniket


What proved to be the catalyst for you to zero in on VJing as a career choice? What was the turning point?

It all started when I was in the 10th standard in 2008. I’m in my 11th year of anchoring now and it’s been a great ride. It was by chance that I became a VJ, but then there was no looking back for me. When I went live on television, I knew I had found my first love. One of my dad’s friends had a television channel in Coimbatore which was telecasted in only a few districts. One of the anchors didn’t turn up for the shoot and my uncle said why don’t you do it? Even when I was 16, I was tall and confident. I took up the job and speaking in front of the camera came naturally to me. Everyone loved it. The next day when I went to school, I got a lot of compliments and recognition. All my friends told me to take it up professionally. My dad wasn’t very happy, but I wanted to do it, so I promised him that I’ll also study alongside. I continued my studies and took VJing as a part-time job. I managed to do a lot of shows along with my studies. Then after I completed my college, I jumped into Vjing full time.

What have been your biggest achievements so far?

I have been an anchor on a lot of channels. I have been with Sun Network for about six years now. I have interviewed almost every big star in the industry. I’ve also hosted a lot of award functions like the IIFA and have done many movie promotions with almost every star in the south Indian industry. Krazy Kanmani gave me an identity since it was my own show. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and meeting so many lovely people have been extremely exciting. The best is yet to come and I’m always looking forward to something more.

What is your fitness and beauty regime?

I’m always traveling, so I don’t have any fixed fitness regime. I don’t go to any gym or lift weights. I have to shuttle a lot between Chennai, Kochi, and Singapore since my husband lives in Singapore. His name is Karthik and he’s a cricketer. He plays for the national indoor cricket team of Singapore. I do a bit of Surya Namaskar and simple exercises on my own. I guess I’m just blessed with good genes since I’ve never had to do any hardcore gymming. I love dancing so I dance sometimes and that keeps me toned. I drink a lot of water and when I’m outside in the sun I always carry my sunscreen lotion. I use my papaya mask and also make and apply my own homemade curd, honey and lemon mask. I prefer home skin care treatments as I have very sensitive skin.

What’s the most romantic thing your husband has done for you?

My husband is very romantic. He keeps surprising me all the time, especially on my birthdays and Valentine’s. I was just getting to know him in the initial days when he had thrown a surprise birthday for me and he has been continuing since then. I was in Chennai and he surprised me by flying down from Singapore and made it special. He is always very caring and loves to shower me with lots of gifts. We are celebrating our third anniversary in May this year.

How active are you on social media and how important do you think it is in your field?

I love to be active on social media and I’m always connected with my fans on Instagram and Twitter. We are in this industry, so we need to be connected with them constantly. Initially, I was quite active on Facebook, but these days I’m more active on Insta stories and also Twitter.

What are you currently working on? 

My current show is Vanakkam Tamizha on Sun TV and Aha Kalyanam on Sun Life. My show Foody Buddy Surya Music is also very popular. There’s also Super 10 in Malayalam. I’m also doing a lot of celebrity interviews and movie promotions in Tamil cinema.

What’s your personal fashion statement like? What do you like about

I feel really good without makeup and even for shoots, I like to go natural, or bare minimum if possible. While going out I like to dress up modern yet subtle. At home, I’m mostly in my shorts. My fans like to see me in sarees and ethnic wear. I love Indian wear too. I loved clothes as they are exactly the kind of clothes I like to wear. I loved every outfit from their collection.




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