Kollywood comedian turned beggar helped by cine stars


Pallu Babu is known for his character in the movie ‘Kadhal’ in which he has acted as a person who looks for cinema chances. His dialogue “ Mudhala villan aparam hero aparam CM aparam Prime Minister, idhu than enoda plan” (My plan is to become a villain, then a hero, then a CM, then a Prime Minister) is famous till date. After the blockbuster movie, he did a few comedy roles and then disappeared from the film scene all of a sudden. Last week it was said that he has been spotted begging near a temple. It is being said, stunt master Dina, director Mohan and actor Sai have given him shelter. They have also requested the film industry to help him. In response to that, actor Abi Saravanan and his friends have taken the responsibility of Pallu Babu.



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