Kingsley launches Pradeep Pillai


Kingsley launched Pradeep Pillai on a fine January evening with a brilliant presentation by Nitish Bharti, world-famous Indian sand animation artist and storyteller, amongst ladies clad in the finest handloom and pattu sarees. Nitish Bharti traced the journey of Designer Pradeep Pillai from his days at NIFT to the launch of his first store at Kingsley. Designer Pradeep Pillai and Founder Ahalya, wearing a beautiful grey and silver creation by Pradeep Pillai were seen playing the perfect hosts as they welcomed Indian and Expat guests to the palatial Kingsley.

Pradeep Pillai, a brand of fine handloom sarees that are best described as classic contemporary which is completely in sync with the Kingsley experience. The collection will be available at Kingsley from January 20th onwards.

Kingsley which houses brands Ahalya, Kanakavalli and the Blouse Studio (in affiliation with Anu Vardan), is a one of a kind destination built on the ethos of a bygone era, and infused with an exhilarating new spirit. A re-appointed family home from the imperial past, Kingsley is the perfect setting for the intersection of art and craft with luxury.


Pradeep Pillai graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India in 1999, armed with a degree in fashion design. Since then he has been associated with the hand-spun, hand-woven & handcrafted sectors and tried to create pieces which are timeless in essence, a far cry from the glamorous, seasonal nature of popular fashion.
Over the years he has developed an aesthetic that is both indigenous to India and contemporary in design. Attaining a rare yet classy synergy between tradition and contemporary design, his creations can be described as ‘contemporary classics’.

Presently he is working with artisan clusters specializing in different forms of the supplementary-weft weaving technique in wild tasar silks from Nalanda and fine cottons and silks from Venkatagiri and Chanderi. Using these traditional techniques and indigenous materials, but with constant experimentation and research, Pradeep has created a whole new vocabulary in textile design. The combination of his unique sensibility, especially in tone and texture, with his profound knowledge of the weaving process and other textile techniques, as well as his commitment to support the craft sector has made such innovation possible.

His experiments with traditional textile processes, whether in appliqué, surface techniques or sari weaving demonstrate the critical importance of innovation which brings to the technique itself new life and energy, while transforming the possibilities of the product that makes it possible to be kept alive and be available to future generations. His work epitomizes simplicity, yet on closer look reveals his obsessive attention to detail.


The fresh new weave from Kanchipuram: For a true connoisseur of the Kanjivaram, Kanakavalli is an offering of selectively curated, classic and authentic silks from the Master Weavers of Kanchipuram. Curated by Ahalya S., Kanakavalli seeks to give the Kanjivaram sari a renewed focus that balances tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Each Kanakavalli Kanjivaram is sourced directly from the heritage weavers of Kanchipuram. From resplendent bridal saris to elegant, subtle light silk saris, Kanakavalli offers the widest repertoire of Kanjivaram magic available online.

Address: Kingsley, 60, Spurtank Road, Chetpet.

Contact no: +91 44 42120266



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