King Charles to renovate Buckingham Palace


King Charles III is planning to renovate Buckingham Palace at a cost of 369 million pounds to make it fit for the king. The refurbishments will take 4 years time and the King will move into the Palace once the work is completed.

The King has 11 homes including official residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh and Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, as well as private residences like Highgrove, Sandringham, Birkhall on Balmoral Estate, Dumfries House in Ayrshire and the Castle of Mey.
Queen consort Camilla has her own residence, Raymill at Lacock in Wiltshire where she spends her time entertaining family and relaxing.
King Charles has ruled out reducing the Crown’s extensive property empire and he is not in favour of opening up the royal residences to the public.



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