Kids wear the new fashion boom in India


The days when fashion was the exclusive preserve of adults are long gone. The millennial culture provided kids’ fashion with the much-needed boost and unveiled the true potential of the segment to the fashion retail fraternity worldwide. Especially in India, while the sector was just non-existent till a few years ago, it has now embossed itself as the most propitious segment of the Indian fashion industry – with even a dedicated annual fashion show to its name.

The estimated size of kidswear in India is Rs 70,000 crores and the kid’s apparel market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of over 12 per cent during 2019-2021 The kidswear market in India has witnessed seismic changes in the last few years – both product and consumer wise. Parents now exhibit considerable brand awareness and inclination towards high-quality apparel products for their kids.

This has even trickled down to the kids as well, who has now emerged as a new, independent buyer group altogether. In this digital age, small clothes have proven to be big business. Owing to the growth potential of this market segment, many international brands have entered India in the last few years. With the emergence of e-commerce, earlier hitherto markets have opened up, thus boosting the growth of kidswear in India.

As kids are graduating into consumers earlier than before, brands now increasingly want to shimmy up to them, engendering hitherto unseen growth opportunities for all players across the sector; right from brand owners, suppliers, to distributors and retailers. With the increasing competition, success has to be a combination of high quality, good design and right value for money product.



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