Kids at Greenwood High School perform Yoga asanas


Students at Greenwood High International School celebrated the second edition of International Yoga Day joining the rest of the world with rolled out yoga mats today. More than 3000 students began the day with a yoga practice organized at its campus at Varthur, Bangalore.

“We have included Yoga, as a subject in our school curriculum for over a decade. We have special Yoga instructors who help the students practice yoga ritually. Yoga also holds the power to enhance discipline and concentration in children. It brings the mind, body and spirit together and helps reduce anxiety and muscle tension. Prior to board exams, Greenwood also conducts special yoga classes to improve the children’s concentration as well as to calm their exam fears. This is done through meditations and specific Asanas”, said Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High.



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