Khandani Rajdhani’s Independence Day Special


Celebrate your patriotic best with Khandani Rajdhani’s Independence Day special Thali. Enjoy: Tiranga Dhokla, Tiranga Khandvi, Tiranga Lassi & Tiranga Pulao. The tricolour of the Indian flag triggers a range of emotions in us. As an ode to India’s independence and rich gastronomically legacy, the world’s favourite thali Khandani Rajdhani celebrates with special Tiranga dishes. From August 14 – 16, Khandani Rajdhani outlets across India will serve a specially curated menu of dishes draped in India’s tricolour.

The exquisite traditional spread has been lovingly handcrafted by Khandani Rajdhani’s experienced Maharaj’s. Special patriotic instrumental music welcomes patrons into the beautifully decorated outlet that pays tribute to the Indian tricolour. As you settle on your seat and wait for your thali, scrumptious hot food makes way to your thali. Get set to relish the traditionally prepared culinary delights of the Khandani Rajdhani thali, along with Independence Day special curated dishes. Each of these have been given a signature tiranga twist as a toast to the nation. Served with Khandani Rajdhani’s award-winning hospitality, the experience is guaranteed to be memorable. The 100% vegetarian thali is a feast for all gourmands, with something in it for everyone.
What: Independence Day ‘Tiranga Menu’ at Khandani Rajdhani
When: August 14 – 16
Where: Khandani Rajdhani outlets across India.




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