Kethini launched 2015 collection – Art in Leather


Kethini launched 2015 collection – Art in Leather 

“Vivi La Vita” “Live The Life”

Kethini launches its 2015 collection at the Kethini Lounge in a fashion show choreographed by Karun Raman, showcasing the following trends:

For ladies :

Moods inspiration sorse:

’60 – ’70 LOOK

From the revolution of the 60s and 70s reflects the spirit of rebellious and nonconformist that takes the form of important-looking structures: robust heels, wide that giving stability, wedges
and plateaux such as those for the sandals hooves/clocksabot and toes slightly squared for shoes.
Mostly we find the finish calfskin compact and homogeneous. The saturated colors and warm veer in shades of cuoio and orange to warm neutrals.


Respect for nature and the awareness of the scarcity of natural resources is reflected in the testing, processing and matching of materials: digital prints with ethnic patterns, weaves and perforation, fringes and hand-made work that emphasize the craftsmanship of the product. Calf and snakes have a natural look sometimes washed out. Colours are dusty, natural, from sand to green to brown.


This trend comes from the world of sport leaders and interpreting details so young
and glam. Lateral closing soles for sneakers and sports slippers, rubber moved soles.

Networks loaders, glitter and brightly colored materials. The colors are vibrant and strong, ranging from blue to red through yellow and green to black and white raids with as well.


The tropics inspired fashion with their subjects and exotic flowers that unfold in games of chromatic shades and reliefs: flowers printed on skin cracle, digital, abstract and yield
Photos of funds blacks and whites. Suede and goat on shoes from narrow heels, female, molded in the base version and the shoes have a bit more narrow and tapered toe. Gloss effects based on animal rolled games of accessories chain. The range of colors ranging from pastel to bright pink through reds and yellows concluding with green and light blue.


The appearances romantically nostalgic and retro take the shades and creamy delicate pastels.
The materials are light, ethereal, and soft; surfaces are veiled, foggy and dull but there are incursions of light given by the pearly, the glitter and crystals. Ultra feminine and an almost ethereal, this trend offers sandals and high-heeled shoes and feminine, elongated toe and contrasting ultra flat sandals.
The main color is pink in its ranges and passes the neutral warm pastels to bright with hints of pale blue and turquoise.

For Gentlemen

Favoring the subtle luxury of impeccable details, the new season “Viva la vita” delivers the unexpected equilibrium between everyday sophistication and fashionably formal footwear.

To party: THE CHEERS LINE, the one that better interprets how unique that moment is made with suede and glossy leathers matched with exclusive colors and are perfect in every detail, the look is a juxtaposition of aesthetics and class.

To work: THE OXFORDIA LINE, to the more formal encounters with plain upper lace-ups , cut tip and perforated oxfords in a more British style yet matched with casual light weight soles make them unique and noticeable at any moment of the day.

To less informal occasions and the weekend: THE TRENDY CASUAL LINE with especially the new magic effect, plunged at the end of manufacturing in the tanning drum the leather sports a peculiar vintage look and is matched with natural rubber soles and a range of moccasins the line offsets by the comfort of handsome sneakers with contrasting details with an array of colors which are luxuriously fluid.

At Kethini Lounge, No. 49/97, TTK Road (Opp. Narada Gana Sabha), Chennai. Contact no – 044 4350 6667.



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