Kesha asks bodyshamer to kiss her ‘magical imperfect ass’


 Kesha does not mince words.

The 29-year-old singer has been very open in recent years about her battles with eating disorders, depression and body image, including her time in rehab to address these demons. After so many struggles, including an on-going legal dispute with music producer Dr. Luke, it’s no surprise that she feels empowered to take down the haters who’ve felt the need to comment on her appearance.

On Friday, Kesha called out a specific troll before launching into a lengthy message about self-worth.

“Dear @jackknife76. I see that you would very much like me to know that you think I’m ugly, and also a ‘whore,'” she wrote. “Well, I understand that that is your opinion, but I disagree. I’m not perfect but I’m pretty f**king magical. and also, I am not, in fact, a whore.”

“Also bullying someone who has struggled publicly with body issues is pretty mean,” she continued. “Thank god I’m in a place in my life where I feel empowered to address your nasty comments instead of letting them destroy me.”

The “True Colors” singer concluded by letting the world know that she doesn’t need anyone else’s unsolicited opinion about her booty — and what haters can do to it. “On behalf of anyone anywhere who struggles with body image, STOP body is not your business,” she said. “In conclusion, kiss my magical imperfect ass!”

Appropriately, this note was posted alongside a photo of Kesha bending over in the middle of picture-perfect blue waters, showing off said butt in a light blue swimsuit.




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