Kerala’s pride K R Gouri Amma passes away


A fierce political force responsible for important land reforms in the state 

KR Gouri Amma, was one of the strongest forces in the communist movement in Kerala. An advocate by profession, she joined the party in 1948 at a time when the communist party was banned and she was sent to jail and is said that she underwent a lot of abuse and torture during the time. She later became the First Lady revenue minister in the Kerala Communist Government. She was fierce and never stepped back from her duties and brought in a lot of land reforms . Due to political rivalry and friction, she quit the communist party and formed her own party named JSS  or the Janadhipathya Samrakshana Samithi. She later even joined hands with the Congress and won the elections yet again and became the Minister for Agriculture.  Her historic land reforms were path breaking for Kerala and she was the mastermind behind the the Technopark, which ushered in the IT boom in Kerala. As per Gauri Amma’s wish, JSS eventually supported the CPI(M). She passed away at 101, an end of an era for Kerala, an unforgettable one that will go down in history.




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