Kerala woman, a victim of domestic violence, found dead


Vismaya V Nair, a 24 year old woman was found dead in her residence at Kollam district of Kerala. She was found hanging inside the bathroom.
Two days prior to her death, she sent a message on whatsapp to her cousin informing about how her husband used to brutally beat her. She even shared pictures of the injuries on her face, hands and shoulders.

Vismaya was pursuing a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She married S.Kiran Kumar, an officer at the Motor Vehicles Department in March last year. It was an arranged marriage. Her family had given 100 sovereigns of gold, one acre of land and a Toyota Yaris car as dowry. However, Kumar was not satisfied with the dowry and wanted cash as well. As Vismaya’s parents had obtained a loan to buy the car, they did not have cash to spare. Due to this, her husband used to pick up fights with her.
Apparently, Vismaya had not spoken about the torture she underwent to either her father or brother but only spoke to her mother about it. Her father and brother are confident that it is not a case of suicide but of murder.
Meanwhile the Kerala Women’s Commission has taken up the matter suo moto.
Investigations are going on and it will be considered to be a dowry harassment case.



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