Kerala Police takes steps to fight sexual attacks against children


The International Criminal Police Organisation, popularly known as Interpol, had joined hands with Cyberdome – a wing of the Kerala Police, to tackle sexual attacks on children. The cyber dome keeps a tab on all sorts of illegal activities in the cyber world. The Interpol offered to provide expert training to state police officials on ways to tackle these cases more efficiently.

The alliance would also lead to the transfer and development of the latest artificial intelligence powered cyber tools to crack down on a wide range of crimes, especially against children. The Kerala police will also be able to use artificial intelligence technology to track missing persons, especially child missing cases.

The program can track online searches for child abuse content and identify IP addresses to track the location of those who share child pornography. More than mainstream porn, those interested in children shared commonplace videos of children in their homes, schools, parks, etc. It was noticed that domestic violence videos involving children had a higher viewer count. The program can also be tweaked to conduct surveillance of persons suspected to have terrorist links, detect online fraudsters and a variety of other criminal activities.



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