Kerala announces Sunday lockdown as Covid numbers rise over 46k


Amidst rising numbers of Covid cases in Kerala, the government announced more restrictions

Trivandrum and Ernakulam districts of Kerala on Thursday witnessed close to 10,000 cases each and the total number of cases in the state reached a whoping 46387, which is the highest number of single day cases recorded in Kerala till date. The government had a discussion with the concerned heads of departments and decided to close schools for classes 1-9,  they are to continue with the online classes. Sunday would be treated as a lockdown for the next two weeks which is said to be crucial. Night curfew has been withdrawn for now and the Collectors have been asked to assess the situation of each district and make the restrictions stronger or weaker accordingly.

The state is to be divided into three categories based on the number of cases, number of hospitalisations and deaths reported. Around five districts have been put under alert with no public gatherings allowed and only 20 members permitted at private gatherings. The coming days will prove crucial and people have been asked to stay vigilant and follow Covid protocols diligently.




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