Kate and William to visit Meghan and Harry


Prince William and his brother Prince Harry are reportedly working on resolving their differences and are taking steps to rebuild their relationship. A step in this direction is the plan made by William and Kate who are planning to visit Harry and Meghan in their Santa Barbera home in the US. It is said that the brothers are looking forward to spending some time together and plan to make the trip once it is declared safe to travel. But before William and Kate fly down to the US, Harry and Meghan are planning to visit the UK.

The reunion in the UK may take place in June when the Royal Family gets together for the Queen’s official birthday celebration. Harry and Meghan are planning to attend the event which will be their first public appearance in the UK since the Commonwealth Day Service last March.
The relationship of the brothers is much better than it was at the start. Both Prince William and Prince Harry are on talking terms and speak to each other regularly and were in constant touch during the holidays However, there are differences of opinion between them and they are two brothers on different paths.



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