Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Leaked Rider Requests Are a Must Se


Heres a look at a few items on the lists , for starters, Jay Z insists that the temperature in his suite be exactly 71 degrees and that there be three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles there, according to TMZ. He also asks that there be no vacuuming near his room and that staff members never ask him for tickets if they “want to avoid embarrassment.”

The suite also must be child-proofed for Blue Ivy, meaning all corners, sharp edges and electrical outlets are covered, and all statues, lamps and breakable objects removed. Also, it must be stocked up with organic whole milk, since that’s all she drinks.
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Speaking of drinks, Jay Z also demands bottles of Ace of Spade champagne in his room, but the contract says he can’t be charged for it since he owns the company. As for Kanye, while he didn’t have any requests for little North, he did require 13 bottles of liquor totaling around $3200, including 3 bottles of Paradis Hennessy. He also requests mint floss, Kashi Go Lean cereal that all of his towels be black and all of his vases be cylindrical. On top of that, he requires that the staff puts a Genelecs 1031a speaker in his room…, which was discontinued a decade ago.



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