The Vault: Heirloom Kanjivarams At Kanakavalli


Kanakavalli Hyderabad is delighted to present the Vault exhibit of exquisite heirloom kanjivaram silk saris. Explore these exclusive, classic format kanjivarams that revive ancient motifs, layouts and color palettes within a contemporary setting, each featuring traditional weave techniques. Kanakavalli curates a selection of India’s most beautiful sari crafts, hand-loomed with master weavers along with fine jewelry and accessories.

Kanakavalli cherishes the sanctity of the folded kanjivaram that comes straight from the hands of Kanchipuram’s skilled weavers. Unfolding the unstitched garment is a journey of discovery in sumptuous silk, revealing pallu and the ornamentation of the sari. Delight in and explore the world of craft and beauty of Kanakavalli.

When: 18th to 20th of October, 2019

Where: Kanakavalli Hyderabad, Plot No.782, Road No.44, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.



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