Kanakadhara Silk Fest: Celebration Of Handcrafted Silk Sarees


Kanakadhara, a distinguished silk brand in Namma Chennai celebrates its first anniversary with a grand silk fest! This special occasion features one-of-a-kind handcrafted silk sarees, live music, a delectable spread of traditional food, and more! The event is inaugurated by prominent names in the South Indian film industry along with Chennai’s HNIs, socialities, and notable personalities in attendance like Aishwarya Rajesh, Lakshmi Ravichandran, Saraswathi Krishnakumar, Saindhavi, Pritha Hari, Kiki Vijay & more!

As we are at the peak of the festive season and Navratri, Dusshera, Diwali, and other special occasions are right around the corner, this silk fest will be an opportunity to indulge in the best of fashion. They have brought together the latest collection of sarees to make you fall head over heels with the evergreen silk weaves. 

At Kanakadhara, each & every saree is uniquely crafted that they have a remarkable distinction of their own. From the intricate designs to the colour palette, every small detail is meticulously curated. The traditional weaves have been given a contemporary flair to fit the modern aesthetics. Kanakadhara has something special for women of all ages. 

Archana & Lavanya strongly believe in empowering the local community, especially the women weavers, who have been instrumental in building the brand. Through their novel initiative Kanakadhara Konnect, a percentage of their profit will be used to support the education of single mother weavers’ children. Every purchase that you make directly contributes to the future of a child. 

​​Their passion for the craft and dedication to give back to the community have been a massive inspiration for women. Their dream is to keep the rich legacy of silk sarees alive for the generations to come & make them affordable for the everyday woman.

When: 6th to 9th of October 2021 | 10 am to 8 pm

Where: Varnamala Wedding Experience Center, Habibullah Road, T Nagar, Chennai.



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