Today the word “DREAM” has become even more powerful than what it was after the great citizen of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam instilled this word in every human being in India and the World. “KALAM AWARDS” is a dream come true initiative and an ultimate platform for the ignited minds – the young, youth and aged. “KALAM AWARDS” is an innovative platform to change the current reality. It is a stage to exhibit and prove the talent within.

Fusion Media & Entertainments has set out a mega mission to identify and be an enabler for people, who have proved their mettle in their own domain or field of specialty, but not exposed to the world. Fusion Media & Entertainments as part of its corporate social responsibility will create an ideal platform to bridge this gap. Hence, “KALAM AWARDS” would be conferred to the right talent every year on the 1st of January.

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As the name suggests “KALAM AWARD” would be a great Stimulator, Motivator and Enabler to identify and expose varied talents, across various fields, which would directly or indirectly contribute to the society. This initiative will take the younger generation to the next level as desired by our beloved Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and will serve as big tribute to the great citizen of India.

In commemoration of this great initiative, Fusion Media & Entertainments plans to involve the Social Activists, Celebrities, VIPs, Bureaucrats and Educational Institution to extend their valuable presence and support to the cause of identifying this talent pool.
This event will showcase various talents from various walks of life and various fields as a tribute to Dr. Kalam and his wish and dream to recognize unique talents.

The Great Kalam Awards, We invite Supporters as follows, to make this program a big success and dedicate the same to our great legend Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Enrolment process:

The process of enrolling for Kalam Awards involves three stages:

1) The participant needs to furnish a detailed bio data and his field of interest along with the details of his project/achievement/contribution in a CD format and enroll through the following platforms of Fusion Media and Entertainment such as Website, Face book page, email, etc. The participant will receive a confirmation of the application or proposal through his or her registered mobile and email id.

2) The empaneled volunteers of Fusion Media will do the initial screening of the candidate’s application/enrollment/proposal and the details of the project or achievement or contribution of his or her field. This will be done by a team of three panel members to ensure unbiased opinion and pass through a transparent screening process.

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3) Once the panel completes the screening and approves the same, this goes to the next level which is the Jury or Judges of the Fusion Media team. This will be the final stage of selection for the “Kalam Awards”. The juries will have a series of selection criterion to adjudge the best.

Hence, “KALAM AWARDS” would be conferred to the right talent every year on the 1st of January and all the genuine entries approved at the screening stage will be incorporated in the Book of “Kalam Awards” with complete details of the participants and the achievement.

Looking forward your valuable support in this to serve the society best in the future.

About Fusion Media & Entertainments:

Fusion Media & Entertainments is a new generation M&E Company, based out of Coimbatore and Chennai, dedicating its services to the talented and deserving, artists and technicians. The name “Fusion,” as it suggests, brings together different minds, skills, effort, innovative thinking and talent by rising up to the challenges in the world of media and working as a platform to enable many to achieve their dreams.

Fusion Media & Entertainments integrates modern technology and practices matching the current Industry trends. This enables the young and budding talents to get their best workmanship. Fusion Media & Entertainments is one of the upcoming M&E companies, with its presence across several media related businesses such as Theatrical exhibition of short films, film and media services, television content production & distribution. Fusion Media & Entertainments offers end to end services including production, post production, media and creative services to production houses, studios and broadcasters.

Since our launch of Event Management in 2009, we have maintained a mission to assist clients in planning a day that is stress-free and truly a memorable one. We are based out of Coimbatore and Chennai, having plans to explore across India and other Countries. What sets us apart from other Event management consultants is our commitment to not only to each of our clients, but also to each of our vendors and associates.

Fusion Media & Entertainments has also engaged itself in various social activities and programs such as Breast Cancer Awareness Programs, Student Counselling in Personality Development, Cardiac and General Health Care for Men, extending a helping hand to Orphanages etc. As part of its diversification Fusion Media & Entertainments enters into a very specific area of recognising the inherent, unidentified and unexplored talents of the young, youth and the aged in varied fields.



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