Kajal Aggarwal And Gautam Kitchlu’s Unseen Pictures From The Wedding


Kajal Aggarwal and Gautam Kitchlu got married in an intimate wedding ceremony in Mumbai on October 30. Kajal just shared the first images from her wedding to Gautam and the romantic and heartwarming pictures are winning hearts.

In the first image, Kajal, a newly-wed, was seen kissing Gautam’s hand, as he broke into a big smile. The second image sees the couple blessing one another, a tradition that has been a constant in Indian culture.

“And just like that, from ms to mrs! I married my confidante, companion, best friend and soulmate. So glad I found all of this and my home in you @kitchlug #kajgautkitched,” wrote Kajal alongside the first image.

She also explained the tradition called Jeelakarrabellam through her second post. The actress wrote, “In our Punjabi meets Kashmiri wedding, we just had to include #Jeelakarrabellam జీలకర్రాబెల్లం – a tribute to both Gautam and my individual relationships with South India! In a Telugu wedding, Jeelakarra Bellam signifies the union/marriage of the bride and the groom. Jeelakarra (cumin) and bellam (jaggery) are made into a thick paste and put on a tamalapaku (betel leaf). The bride and the groom put it on each other’s head while the purohit chants mantras from the Vedas. The bride and the groom look at each other only after this ceremony is completed and this auspicious signifies that the couple will stay together in bitter and sweet times,” shared Kajal, providing detailed information to her fans.



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