Kabali Movie Review Highlights



Kabali walks free from a Malaysian Jail after serving 25 Years of sentence. Followers and Thousands of People give a rousing reception to him, the moment he steps out of the prison. While the Underprivileged see a ray of hope after Kabali’s release, Opponents get terrified upon being informed about it. Why so many people treat Kabali on par with a god? What happened to his family after Kabali went to jail? Has he met his Family after serving jail term? Do watch ‘Kabali’ to find Answers!

Rajinikanth is absolutely terrific in an ageing role. His smile, his expressions, his walk… all are superb. In the post interval scenes, when he goes down to find his wife, we get to see some great acting from him. For the fans who expect some catchy dialogues, there aren’t many to enjoy but they relish his acting and mannerisms. The film is completely Rajinikanth’s movie.

Radhika Apte has given commendable performance. There are plenty of Tamil actors whom we hardly know. Of them, Dhansika is the best. She steals the show.

“Kabali” has high technical values and rich production values. The camera work is first rate. Some action stunts are good. Songs are a letdown but the background score by Santosh Narayan is perfect.



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