K K Shailaja dropped from the new Kerala Cabinet!


Pinarayi Vijayan’s new cabinet will have 21 ministers 

The new Pinarayi Government has none of the ministers from the previous cabinet and except for Pinarayi Vijayan himself, all the others have been replaced by fresh faces. While three women members have been given ministerial posts in the cabinet, it came as a rude shock to many that K K Shailaja who won much international acclaim for her tireless work in the combat against Nipah and Corona was dropped from the new Kerala cabinet.

She had won the election by a margin of close to 60,000 votes and people across Kerala were expecting to see her back as the Health Minister but she has been given the position of party Whip.  A social media campaign has also started supporting K K Shailaja and asking for her return. But K K Shailaja seemed undeterred. She said, “There is no need to be emotional. I stand by the party’s decision to bring in a new team. The party gave me a ministerial post and I have done by best and am happy with my work. I am sure the new team will also do their best.”



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