Justin Bieber lands Calvin Klein Campaign



Justin Bieber is the new face of Calvin Klein. The 20-year-old crooner will join the ranks of other famous Calvin Klein models, including Kellan Lutz, Antonio Sabato Jr. and Matthew Terry, but no one’s campaign was as famous as Mark Wahlberg, when he posed alongside Kate Moss in 1992 — that is, until now! Model Lara Stone is the female lead in the campaign. Judging by the teaser, it is clear that they drew inspiration from Marky Mark and Kate Moss’ iconic shoot from 1992 — and we can’t get enough of it. Despite the photoshop controversy behind the overtly air brushed “bulge” of Justin’s and the comical GIF by music site “Breatheheavy.com” which did quite the rounds, Justin’s team claimed the so-called “unretouched” picture was fake and sent a legal notice to them asking to print a retraction. The photos were removed from Breatheheavy.com and editors issued a statement on the site which reads, “We sincerely apologize to Bieber for the hit to his ego and to the millions of tweens on social media we upset…” Though people know the actual truth we found Ellen DeGeneres’ version to the issue actually hilarious and simply brilliant!



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