Justin Beiber with a new album soon


Beliebers have a reason to rejoice, the singer is coming out with a new album soon! The 25-year-old singer announced this during the closing of this year’s Coachella. American singer Ariana Grande, who is the youngest performer to ever headline Coachella, closed this year’s music festival.

After performing with the popular band NSYNC and Nicki Minaj last week at the music festival, Grande surprised attendees with Bieber in what she called a completely unplanned performance, Bieber joined her on stage and sang his hit track ‘Sorry’ before announcing plans to drop an album soon.

Beiber said, “I wore this fly outfit not knowing that I was going to be on stage. This is my first time on stage in like two years. So I had to get my swag back on.” He concluded by thanking the fan and had stated a new album will be out soon. His last album ‘Purpose’ released in November 2015



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