JTPAC Presents English Comedy Two Adorable Losers!


Abhishek Pattnaik and Darsheel Safary promise an evening of laughter and comedy 

With a stellar cast featuring Abhishek Pattnaik and Darsheel Safary, JTPac brings to you ‘Two Adorable Losers’ is an English comedy about a professor from a rural state (Odhisa), weak in his English diction and a TYBA Psychology Student, weak in Statistics.
Both suffer from the same problem – an inferiority complex. In an attempt to regain their lost confidence, they approach each other, which results in an unusual alliance. As the coaching progresses, their relationship evolves from teacher-student, to father-son, to two friends, to business partners, and whatever else that fits the viewer’s description. Will they succeed in their respective motives? Watch the play at JTPac on the 25th of February, 7:00 pm onwards to know the answer!

Abhishek Pattnaik is one of the co-founders at Out of the Box Production. He has been writing, directing and acting in English theatre since the last 6 years. His plays revolve around situational comedies. His role as the professor in Two Adorable Idiots earned him a lot of popularity in the theatre circuit with a 4 star rating from Bombay Times.  Darsheel Safary made his acting debut in 2007 with Taare Zameen Par, playing the film’s protagonist, Ishaan Awasthi. Darsheel’s performance as a struggling dyslexic child was praised by film critics and he won several awards for this performance. Out of the Box Production is a young production house was formed in the year 2011. It is based in Mumbai and caters to comedy theatre and engaging social media content.



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