Journalist And Actor Florent Pereira Dies At 67


After working as a journalist for many years, Florent Pereira stepped into cinemas with Vijay’s Puthiya Geethai and became popular with his role in Kayal. Florent Pereira was infected with the coronavirus and was getting treatment at the government hospital in Chennai. But, shockingly, he passed away yesterday.

It is said that Florent Pereira had attended a film shoot, and he also purchased costumes and jewelry for his character. Later, he felt slightly feverish and underwent a COVID-19 test. The next day, he was tested positive, and he was shocked to see five patients in the ambulance when he was called for the treatment. Florent Pereira then took his vehicle and reached the hospital. Unfortunately, even after his admission to the hospital, Florent Pereira’s condition didn’t improve and he eventually died.



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