Joju George’s car vandalised by Congress workers


The Congress workers were blocking the National highway as a protest against fuel hike

The National Highway was blocked by a group of Congress workers who were protesting against the hike in fuel prices. But even after an hour, when the block continued, actor Joju George got out of his car and confronted the workers about making things inconvenient for the public. People gathered around to support him. This agitated the party workers which led to a tussle and later the actor’s car was vandalised. It has been reported that the party workers hurled abuses at him and filed a police complaint stating that Joju George was drunk and that he verbally abused women members of the party. Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) chief K Sudhakaran condemned Joju George’s action and threatened legal action.

But a medical examination proved that the actor was not drunk and there is no evidence of any acts of verbal abuse by him. The police have said that action would be taken against the people responsible for vandalising the actor’s car. Joju George condemned the incident and said that conducting such road blocks in the name of protests is unacceptable and serves no purpose, on the contrary, it is highly inconvenient to the general public.



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