Join Redrawlife On An Adventure To Siruvani !


Experience Nature’s beauty and fullness in its purest form at Siruvani!  

“Something about raindrops falling on our heads makes us want to stay indoors. But if you are gonna do that, you are gonna miss a lot as this is precisely when our landscapes come alive. People like to say our fondness for rainy day hikes comes from a hardy attitude or indifference to a downpour, but the truth is that our landscape comes alive in a rainy season- a time when nature can lift your drooping spirits! If you crave for the raw outdoors and if you are a true Rain lover, then this is the ultimate getaway for you!

Located 48 km from Palakkad Siruvani is home to tribals like the Mudugars and Irulars. The reservoir at Siruvani was built across the Siruvani river for Tamil Nadu by the Kerala Government to meet their drinking water requirements (Siruvani is considered as the second tastiest water in the world!),” invites Redrawlife.  So get ready for another adventure with the adventure specialist from June 10th – 11th, 2017.  Call 9497864497 for more details.



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