Jimmy Rocks Brings Manhattan to Kochi Marriott!


Enjoy the authentic taste of Manhattan at Kochi Marriott’s Manhattan Food Promotion

The heart of the big apple, Manhattan, takes a stroll down to Kochi, hand in hand with Jimmy Rocks, as Kochi Marriott’s ‘Kochi Kitchen’ conducts its food promotion from 15 th to 24th March, 2019 from 07:00 pm till 11:00 pm for dinner. The promotion will encompass a wide
range of mouthwatering dishes like hotdogs, New York pizzas, meat balls and more, straight from the streets of Manhattan. Jimmy Rocks has always been in the forefront of exploring new venues and flavours. The promotion will open vistas to new experiences through its show stopper dish, the Giant Burger.

The promotion will feature various unique street food dishes each day. The curated menu by Executive Sous Chef Tanuj Bahuguna focuses on popular Manhattan street food with the big fat burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, hot dogs, milkshakes, frappuccino, waffle, brownie and Arabic traits of Shawarma rolls, Tex-Mex (Mexican) nachos, refreshing salsa and more. Kochi Kitchen’s décor will comprise of the mobile eateries, traditional hotdog vendors, food carts and various street food elements popular in and around Manhattan. Promotion rate: INR 999+ taxes per person.



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