Jill Biden and Kate Middleton meet for the first time


US first lady Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton met for the first time. They hit off so well together and could have kept going for hours. Jill is there in the UK with her husband to attend the G-7 economic summit and is their first trip abroad since assuming office in January this year.

Jill and Kate met at the Connor Downs Academy preschool, spoke with the students there, about what they were reading and even got to feed some rabbits with carrots. Both were attired in bright colours. While the first lady wore a white dress and a hot pink blazer, Kate wore a red belted dress from Alexander McQueen. Both of them wore masks as well.
They chatted on the importance of early childhood on lifelong outcomes and on how they could work together to make a difference.
Meanwhile Kate disclosed that she can’t wait to meet her new niece Lillibet and hopes it will be soon.



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