Jessica Lall’s sister Sabrina passes away


Jessica Lall’s sister Sabrina Lall passed away after a prolonged illness on Sunday evening. She fought to get justice for her sister Jessica, a celebrity bartender who was killed by Manu Sharma at a private party for refusing to serve him a drink. Being the son of a former Union Minister, the case received nationwide coverage.
Sabrina had been in and out of hospital and was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Due to this, many complications arose and she passed away due to multiple organ failure.

Sharma was given a life sentence for the murder of Jessica in 1999 and was serving in the Tihar Central Jail. In 2018, Sabrina forgave him and responded to a letter she received from Tihar that she had no objection to Sharma’s early release as he had already served 15 years in prison.
The Lalls had refused financial assistance from the victim welfare fund. Sabrina had plans to launch a foundation in memory of her sister to help women in similar situations.
There was a film made on the subject titled No One Killed Jessica in which Vidya Balan played a role.



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