Jadeja fined for dumping garbage in a village in Goa


Ajay Jadeja, a former Indian cricketer was fined Rs 5000 for dumping garbage in a village in Goa which is close to the village where he owns a bungalow. Jadeja owns a bungalow in Aldona village in North Goa, a place in which many other celebrities own properties.

Reports show that Jadeja has been dumping garbage from his bungalow in Aldona village into the neighbouring village of Nachinola. This was confirmed by the sarpanch of the village. The Sarpanch stated that they appointed some youth to collect the garbage and scan them to find out who the culprits are. While the youth were going through the remnants of the garbage,they found a bill in the name of Ajay Jadeja. He was informed about it and asked to pay a fine which he was willingly paid. He was also requested not to dump garbage in future and to follow the garbage norms.
Ajay Jadeja was one of the most stylish batsmen in the world. He played domestic cricket for Haryana and made his debut in Indian test cricket in 1992 against South Africa in Durban and his ODI debut against Sri Lanka in the 1992 World Cup. He played 15 tests and 196 ODIs in his career.



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