It’s the era of ‘Hyperlocal’ advertising


Advertising is the key to reach consumers. Any product or service provider would know that. But instead of carpet-bombing the city with ads that might not even hit the target customer, isn’t it better to selectively buy space in platforms that hold more promise for the ad? In this digital economy,, one of Bengaluru’s newest startups is offering advertisers just that.


Started just a couple of months ago through the Nasscom 10K startup initiative, provides location-based advertising that leverages the might of technology to assist advertisers reach out to relevant consumers in a specific location in an easier and structured fashion.

For example, if the target audience for an advertiser is a college kid or an adolescent, instead of spilling the marketing budget all over the city, the advertiser can place the ads in touch-points that are frequented by collegians, such as malls and cafés, that too in an area where the reach is more.

Location-based advertising will be the future of all advertising, whether by big businesses or by smaller establishments,” says Prateek Tandon, co-founder and Marketing Manager at

The app categorises ad spaces into hyperlocal brackets such as clubhouses, apartment complexes, malls, cinema halls, office spaces, and hoardings across crucial locations in Bengaluru. also allows owners of real estate to offer ad spaces for advertising.

“People who have advertised through us have felt that they are now able to reach their audiences faster and through a hassle-free channel, and thus effectively utilise their ad budgets,” says Tandon, who started the venture just after getting married. “Yes. I was simultaneously juggling two new distinct roles, that of a new entrepreneur and a newly married man.”

He says that provides assistance in selecting the right spots for placing an ad, in the creation of ad spaces, selecting the right campaign to garner more eyeballs, and even perhaps developing the ad creatives. “Brands can advertise for any amount. Right from Rs.500 and which can go up to a couple of thousands.”

The venture is now looking to expand beyond Bengaluru. Mumbai is on cards and according to Tandon; should be in India’s Maximum City in the next three months’ time.




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