It’s a Green Christmas at Casino Hotel this Year


CGH Earth does it again with its beautiful Christmas Decor from recycled paper & plastic!

This Christmas, CGH Earth Experience Hotels has yet again embarked on a fun activity with a cause. To usher this festive season making decorations from used products. One of CGH Earth’s Core Values is being sensitive to the environment and such simple and innovative measures go a long way to make that change to better our planet. Through this initiative they have turned disposable materials from the hotel like old newspapers, magazines and old bottles to beautifully crafted décor elements. An idea sparked off by Mr. Jose Dominic, MD & CEO of CGH Earth has seen its 4th year, of Christmas with a difference across the group in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Karnataka.

This year the lobby and restaurants at Casino Hotel have been transformed into a magical setting with paper Christmas trees of varying sizes crafted from old magazines, cartons, baubles from old paper, Christmas wreaths with twisted newspaper and colored curls from old plastic bottles.


Today it has become a common feature to see most of our homes embellished and decorated with plastic and non-biodegradable materials. It is important that we realize that by doing so we are only adding to problems. Even if it is a small change it can surely make a huge difference. “Getting family and friends together to create Christmas decorations can be a joyous and enjoyable activity at home this season”, says George.

Take for example, Casino Hotel in Willingdon Island, Kochi that has been spearheading this effort within the group. The entire team at the Housekeeping department has been trained to create these eco-friendly and up-cycled Christmas decorations. These innovatively up-cycled décor elements adorn Casino Hotel’s lobby and restaurants to bring in the festive spirit of Christmas says George Joseph, General Manager, Casino Hotel. The Executive Housekeeper at Casino Hotel, Mr. Anish Joseph and his colleagues across CGH Earth Resorts have been taking up this mission every year and creating new design-marvels every single time. “We are very pleased with the outcome and delighted to see top quality products being made”, says Mr. George Joseph. It took Anish and his team 40 hours to hand- craft the 7 foot tall Christmas tree in the lobby.

Another stunning installation is the 60 glowing lamps from used paper which resembles a constellation when viewed from below. The advantage of this up-cycled craft is that it is inexpensive and bio-degradable. Moreover, this is also a cost-effective initiative. The group had spent a very minimal amount when compared to previous years and agrees that the cost saving has been tremendous. Kochi, for a while, has been swamped with waste management problems that still loom at large. CGH Earth Hotels’ venture, The ‘Green Christmas’ is a sure shot at reducing waste to such a large extent that it is not mere reduction they speak of, but creating beauty from something that would otherwise remain difficult to dispose of. Visitors and guests at the hotel are completely in awe and have so many questions regarding the initiative, that it has prompted the hotel management to initiate more participation from the general public including kids, by proposing craft workshops in the near future where training and more, can be imparted in crafting such décor.




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