ISRO Chairman writes autobiography


ISRO Chairman, S.Somanath has written his autobiography in Malayalam titled Nilavu Kudicha Simhangal, This book will be available sometime in November.

He had very humble beginnings and he tells it all in the autobiography which he hopes will inspire the talented and yet not so confident.
This book focuses on hard work and perseverance in the face of difficulties. It is being published by Kerala based Lipi Publications. The book narrates his eventful journey from being an impoverished village youth into becoming the chairman of ISRO and Somanath prefers to call it as an inspirational story rather than an autobiography.
It was the historic success of Chandrayaan-3 that made him come out with this book. He feels that it is very important for people to make use of the right opportunities in life.
The book is in Malayalam as he felt comfortable writing it in his mother tongue.


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