Isaignani Ilayaraja graced “Tunes of Isaignani Ilayaraja” function


saignani Ilayaraja graced the inaugural day function of Karthik Fine Arts followed by Swappnam, a dance production by Krithika Subrahmanian and team Na Maargam Dance Company performing to the tunes of Isaignani Ilayaraja at Shree Sathguru Gnanananda Hall Narada Gana Sabha, T.T.K Road Alwarpet.

Isaignani Ilayaraja graced the inaugural day function of Karthik Fine Art’s. NaMaargam Dance Company presented Swappnam, a bharatanatyam dance production by Krithika Subrahmanian and team performing to the tunes of Isaignani  himself on 7.00 pm Thursday, 1st December 2016 at Shree Sathguru Gnanananda Hall, Narada Gana Sabha, and T.T.K Road Alwarpet. A few of the artists & organizing members along with Dancer Krithika Subramanian were honoured for their efforts & contribution for the organisation.

Swappnam dance presentation focusing on the connection of dreams and Shiva the eternal truth.  Through the various dreams one has, however abstract and vibrant, they reaffirm the psychic bond with   Shiva consciousness.  The Powerful and potent Swappnam explores this world with dreams about Shiva. Swappnam is a fast paced journey into the soporific realms of the mind with dreams acting as the catalyst clarifying the clouded vision of our individual perception.

The dance presentation portrays Shiva as the spark, the male -female synergy and humanity’s tryst with the entire process of creation.  With his aura, magnificence and a never ending energy, Shiva fills the dreams of the young and old alike. Through the incorporation of several ragas, and symphonic orchestra, Ilayaraja manages to take us on a surrealistic journey of divine music.

In short, Swappnam is a presentation of a collection of dreams that depicts that Shiva is the eternal truth.

1. Ms Ananya Ashok – DK Pattammal Award of Excellence

2. Ms. Vaishnavi Sainath – Nadanamamani Award

3. Ms. K. Gayatri – Isai Peroli

4. Ms. Shri. R. Mukunthan – Karthik Rajagopal Golden Jubilee Committee Award for the Best Cultural Organiser 

Concept Note

A Classical Bharatanatyam Dance Theatre Production. Swappnam DANCE THEATRE DREAMS is a grand operatic musical conceived and scripted by Krithika Subrahmanian. It is Isaignani Ilayaraaja’s first ever full length musical composition for Classical dance production.

Wake up.
Look into your eyes. You dream all day, all night
More intoxicating than Reality, you thrive in your Dreams.
Dreams of Shiva. His magnificence, his aura, his energy that never ebbs.
Shiva , Who fills the Dreams of the young, dreams of the old, his dreams, her dreams, orchestrating  their romance … He is the spark, the male -female synergy, humanity’s tryst with the entire process of creation.
The Song of the Soul, a Realisation, an Awakening, affirming our reality in the Cosmic sphere, Shiva is the absolute truth.
While Dreams are abstract, vibrant and powerful they affirm the psychic bond with Shiva consciousness.
Dreams connect people, playing in slow solitude and suddenly populated by all mankind.
At once wistful, aware, traces of times bygone,a peek into the future, a mirror of the mind shattering the facade, pointing inwards to the essential.
Weaving webs, clearing up the clouds, demystifying the myths of the mind, dreams are the catalyst clarifying the clouded vision of our perception.
Powerful and potent Swappnam explores this world with dreams of Shiva.
Obsession, recognition, contact, detached attachment ,Swappnam  is a fast paced journey into the hypnotic  realms of the mind.
A trance which will leave you refreshed.

Works of Shaivite saints, Thevaram, Thiruvachagam, Thiruvembavai by Appar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar, Thiagaraja, Basava, Gopalakrishna Bharathi, Ilayaraaja,  Pithanadi
Chants of Sama Veda, Rudram,Chamakam.

About Krithika Subrahmanian

Trained in the pure lineage of the Tanjavur Pandallur Bani of Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Padmashri Dr. Sudharani Raghupathi since the age of seven, Krithika has extensively performed since the age 15 at prominent venues and festivals, solo and group. A senior disciple of her guru, she has performed lead roles in many of her guru’s productions as well as her own choreography. A renowned architect, dancer and designer, Krithika Subrahmanian, is a reputed entrepreneur heading a group of successful companies.

About NaMaargam Dance Company:

NaMaargam Dance Company is an independent and creative studio for dance, established by Chennai-based architect and dancer Krithika Subrahmanian with the support of Sreshta – Sumanth and Co. The focus of the company is to produce high quality presentations in the Pandanallur / Thanjavur schools of Bharatanatyam. NaMaargam Dance Company is committed to creating productions characterized by significant research and quality technical content from the broad spectrum of Hindu ideologies while retaining spontaneity and youthful energy.



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