Irish runner -up gets Mrs. World title after Caroline Jurie relinquishes her title


Mrs. World Inc has announced that it has received the resignation of current Mrs. World Catherine Jurie and therefore the runner-up Mrs. Ireland Kate Schneider is now the new Mrs. World 2020.

The original title winner of Mrs. World, Catherine Jurie was involved in a controversy at the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant after she aggressively pulled the crown off the head of the title winner Pushpika De Silva and injured her during the ceremony. Catherine alleged that Pushpika was ineligible to get the crown as she was divorced and had concealed this information. Catherine was arrested by the police and was later released on bail. She was also booked for damaging property at the pageant venue.
Pushpika later confirmed that she was living apart from her husband but was not divorced. She stated that If there were doubts about her marital status, she should not have been permitted to continue in the pageant and she should have been disqualified during the initial rounds. Pushpika was later given back her crown in a small ceremony organised after the incident.
Meanwhile Mrs. World Catherine Jurie relinquished her title saying that she was standing against injustice and called the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant tainted.



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